9 Tips To not Get Banned Your Google AdSense-How To Protect Your AdSense


How to make money with AdSense is not easy way but we can make much money with Google AdSense if we do our best again and again and set the real goal. Of course, we need to have the talent for how to make money with AdSense and many people over the world now are trying to create website to corporate with AdSense but some of them were banned their AdSense Account. This 9 TIPS TO NOT GET BANNED YOUR GOOGLE ADSENSE can help you with your website to do the wright ways and can get much money too.Shortly, HOW TO PROTECT YOUR ADSENSE is the key factor that you need to know clearly and so this is my experience that I have done with my website and you will improve your earning if you can practice like this.

This is how to protect your AdSense

1.Create the quality content with 400 words or more

2.Content for the user (for example: tips, recommendations, how to do, steps to follow...not only information, but also.)

3.Put 1 or two images (from creative commons), link to them like a source.

4.Create a Privacy Policy page, link to privacy policy of Google AdSense, say to users that you are using cookies, teach how to disable cookies, say to users that third party companies can access to user information like OS, browser... link to analytics/stat counter/otherprivacy policy

5.Create a contact page with contact form

6.Create a license page; say here that you are using creative commons images that you are link to them, all your information is yours and its under creative commons license (link to creative commons license), say that all trademarks and products are for descriptive use or as a part of the information, say that you have no relationships with trademarks...

7.Use a clean template that look very beautiful and attracted the visitors

8.Put an advertisement header in each AdSense add

9.Update your Site/Blog one time a week if you can or post one new content per day.


The End Of my recommendation about HOW TO PROTECT YOUR ADSENSE

In fact, this is my point of views about 9 TIPS TO NOT GET BANNED YOUR ADSENSE and if you want to know more related to How To Protect Your AdSense, you just find on pointedtips.com, you will see more benefit and very important information.